Which Retailers are going to Offer the Best Cyber Monday Deals?

If there is any day of the year that is comparable to the shopping event that we all know, love and loathe in equal measure aka Black Friday; it would have to be Cyber Monday. Typically it is during the weeklong event Black Friday that offers the best discounts in physical retail stores. Well, some online retailers will be offering discounts during Black Friday; the true winner is going to be during the following Monday or as shopping experts call it – Cyber Monday.

It is during Cyber Monday that online retailers will get their chance to shine and offer their products at a steep discount. While some stores that you can visit in your local mall will offer sales and discounts during Cyber Monday; they aren’t as plentiful as online.

It was during the explosion of online shopping Cyber Monday was born and you will to run into a crash website, slow checkouts online and a dash of two to four days before your purchases are even shipped to a physical address. But hey! All part of the fun!

So what retailers are going to offer the best Cyber Monday deals during this 2019 shopping event? Well, you can expect the big players to come out with some pretty nifty savings on major items such as televisions, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and other electronic devices. You can also expect discounts on items such as luxury fashion, household furniture, clothing (both designer and knock-off) and more.

Cyber Monday Sale

The best part of Cyber Monday is that even discount online retailers, such as 123Ink.ca for all your office supply, business and school needs, will be offering further savings. Just ensure you chose a retailer that you can trust before purchasing discounted items, such as 123Ink.ca, so you are certain of not only the quality of the product but the customer service you will experience.

Beware of pop-up online stores that offer steep discounts on products that are frequently purchased but after the sale is over; they are gone to the wind regardless if you have repaired, return, or warranty questions.

The stores you are definitely going to want to check out during the 2019 Cyber Monday shopping event (remember the date – December 2nd, 2019!) are not limited to but definitely include the following:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • 123Ink.ca
  • Dell
  • eBay
  • Clothing Retailers such as Old Navy, Levis, Steve Madden
  • Building Supply stores such as Home Depot and Home Hardware

The easiest way to make the most out of the Cyber Monday shopping event is to have a list of items that you are wanting to either purchase, price or both. Have a list of the items you are getting regardless of the discounts (even if it’s mere dollars) and have a list of items that you will potentially purchase depending on the savings you can find on the items needed. Also have your research done on pricing, features, warranties, repairs and returns before making a major purchase through any online retailer.

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