What Time Does Cyber Monday Start?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been a consistent American tradition since 1924 when the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade took advantage of the crowds—and their Roaring Twenties prosperity—to encourage sales at their department store the following day. From then on, the Black Friday sales just grew more frenzied, with door-crasher deals becoming normalized in American culture by the 1980s.

Up until recently, Black Friday was an American thing, while Canadians took part in Boxing Day, the sales event on December 26th, when leftover Christmas items were regularly marked down considerably.

Today, Canadians have adopted Black Friday as our own, with Canadian-owned companies like 123Ink and Indigo offering lots of late-November discounts on everything from electronics to office supplies to stationery.

Cyber Monday is the Busiest Day of the Year for Online Retailers

In the e-commerce era, a new holiday called Cyber Monday has sprung up, to the satisfaction of every introvert and lazy holiday lounger both north and south of the border. If you don’t like bundling up to brave the cold or the crowds on Black Friday, you can wait out the weekend and hit up your favourite online stores the following Monday, when the cyber deals start pouring into your email inbox and offering crazy deals.

Depending on how savvy of a shopper you are, you can easily find Cyber Monday sales that will make you the envy of your neighbours, family, and friends—and help you stuff your family’s stockings with surprise Christmas gifts, too. In fact, the proximity to Christmas makes this an especially good time for Canadians to shop, particularly for technological items. Cyber Monday is known for its emphasis on tech rather than family and home goods.

Cyber Monday Sale

Why Wait Until Boxing Day?

You’re already on the hunt for the best deals possible. So it just makes sense to fill up your online cart—especially if you purchase from Canadian companies. Who tend to offer free domestic shipping, and won’t kill your retail therapy buzz with those dreaded international shipping costs.

You can find plenty of deals all weekend. But if you’re determined to wait until Cyber Monday, you might be wondering when you should be at your device and ready to hit “add to cart.”. Cyber Monday typically starts at the stroke of midnight. If you’re unsure if a certain item will sell out quickly. It’s in your best interest to make some coffee, sit down at your computer, and make a night of it.

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