Here’s Everything you Need to Know About Black Friday 2019

The time has come – much anticipated, murmured about around the water cooler, discussed with family and friends, budgets are ready, lists are made and checked twice and you are ready both physically and mentally. It’s time for Black Friday 2019!

Black Friday is undoubtedly one of the biggest shopping events of the year, regardless if you live in the United States or you live in Canada. It’s a date that has been marked on the calendar, special budgets are decided, people choose to cash in bonds or dip into their savings account solely because of the wonderful and sometimes, unbelievable, deals that are offered. The only day that truly compares in the shopping world would be a toss-up between Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales after Christmas Day.

That is why today we are going to take a look at everything you need to know about Black Friday 2019 so that you are prepared to cross the names off your list of who you need to buy for and you are prepared to truly shop until you drop.

What Date is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday always tends to fall on the last Friday during the month of November with Cyber Monday occurring the following Monday (the first Monday of December). While the date may change year after year, the Friday on which Black Friday falls doesn’t as it is the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday which is celebrated later than in Canadian culture.

When Do Black Friday Deals start to go Live?

Most people tend to assume that Black Friday discounts will go live both in-store and online when the date actually turns to the Friday on which it falls. This used to be the case but now, deals and discounts, along with flash sales, tend to be a week-long affair and start the day after Thanksgiving.

This was done to further encourage people’s interest in the Black Friday shopping extravaganza.

Is It Better to Shop Online or In-Store?

Some people tend to miss out on Black Friday deals because they are focusing their time and energy on online retailers only. While most online retailers will offer Black Friday sales, their true savings are found on Cyber Monday, which the biggest markdown for the online shopping sector.

Granted, travelling to a physical store on Black Friday can be rough, as the crowds are doubled and parking spaces quick to go but most stores tend to open their doors early to accommodate the working crowd. They will also have extra staff on hand for the day to answer any questions, help bring purchases out to your vehicle and man the cash registers.

Black Friday Deals

Do Discounted Stores Give Further Discounts?

Another misconception people tend to have about Black Friday is that stores, both physical and online, who already offer steep discounts on frequently purchased products will not have the specials. Not only do they offer Holiday sales as well, but it is also the perfect opportunity to stock up on common items for both your home and business. Stores like will offer significant discounts on items such as printer paper, printer ink cartridges and more!

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