Cyber Monday is December 2, 2019 – Here’s what you need to Know

Not quite sure what this Cyber Monday business is all about? Did you think that the major holiday shopping event where you can save a significant amount of money was all and only about Black Friday? Did you miss out on the Black Friday deals you were waiting on or found that the pricing range you had both hoped and budgeted for wasn’t in the stars for you?

When is Cyber Monday?

Well, if any of that is the case, you will be pleased to know that there is another holiday shopping event directly after Black Friday 2019 and it has been occurring every year since online shopping crept up in popularity (approximately 2005, for the history buff!). This event is known as Cyber Monday and it’s the biggest day for online shopping in the world.

Cyber Monday occurs on the first Monday of December, which is also the first Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday (Canada celebrates a month earlier). You will always see the Cyber Monday event following Black Friday which is pretty smart as people are in the shopping mode but you still have time to get your purchases through a postal carrier before Christmas Day. Trends show that retailers during the Cyber Monday shopping event will offer slightly higher discounts online and that the average consumer will actually garner savings of 2.5% more than on Black Friday.

Online Shopping Event

With numerous online retailers, both those who are exclusively online and those who have physical locations but offer the online experience. As well will offer big discounts on some pretty big items. We are talking televisions, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can score big savings on items such as gaming chairs, computer printers, holiday décor, clothing, makeup and jewelry.

All the big names in the shopping sector will put forward their best Cyber Monday deals. Such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay. And item-specific stores such as the high-quality, low-cost office supply store; This online retailer not only offers office supplies from pens to chairs to desks and more. For a lower cost but you also earn points to use towards future purchases. Rack up enough points, cash them on your order and suddenly it feels like Cyber Monday in July.

Cyber Monday Sale


Make sure you do your research on the items you are looking for and make a list of the retailers that offer it. This way you are more equipped to do a cost comparison to truly find the best bang for your buck. It is important to remember though that sometimes the cost isn’t the only thing to check out. You want to make sure that the customer service of the selected retailer is on a higher level. You are able to have special features on your product.

There is a warranty period or a repair policy. You are able to return it (either by a postal carrier or to a physical location, i.e. Walmart). And that the return periods do not run out before you get a chance to give it to a loved one as a Christmas gift. With these tips and information in mind – you are ready to go for Cyber Monday 2019 so charge up your laptop. Dust off your credit card and get to work!

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