Best mouse pad mats for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Sometimes, the things that feel inconsequential have the most effect on our productivity.  Because we do not ascribe any importance to those items we generally do not consider how the items affect our productivity in the workplace.  The humble mouse pad is one of those items.  With the proliferation of laptops and the use of scroll pads on laptops, the numerous few who still need to be tethered to the computer are left with the limitations of the mouse and mouse pad they can find. 

Felt Mouse Pad

The productivity drag of a limited mouse pad is felt in the cumulative extra hours and minutes required to move the cursor to the exact point of the screen.  This might be due to the mousepad having insufficient threads creating reduced friction with the mouse gliding over it.  It might be because the mousepad has limited space to accommodate all the items that need to be on top of it. Limiting the arm movement of the user. 

A lot of office workers might feel only gamers require a specialized mouse pad. Due to the need for speed and precision while playing games.  But it has been shown that specialized mousepads also increase the productivity of all users that incorporate it into their work and personal and life. 

And with Black Friday sales approaching. You can take advantage of the upcoming sales events on (the best online store in Canada). To get these useful and productivity aiding mousepads at very good prices. 

Black Friday MousePad


Among the mouse pad available during the Black Friday sales. The Large Felt Laptop Mat Multi-Function MousePad, 25″ x 13″, Gray Featuring a Compartment and a Pen Slot.  This portable mousepad can be folded up and put in a bag when not in use. It also comes with a middle compartment for placing mobile phones and other documents.  The mousepad is big enough to hold a keyboard, laptop, and mouse.  It is only selling for $9.99

mouse pad

Another recommended mousepad is the Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Large Size, Non-Slip Anti-Fray Cloth Surface, 900mm*400mm from Moustache®.  This has all the advantages conveyed by the large anti-static fray cloth that covers the whole mousepad making for smooth operation. And easy gliding of the mouse over the pad.  It is big enough to hold and keyboard plus the mousepad and sells for only $9.99. 

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