Are Black Friday Deals Better Than Cyber Monday?

Not too many eons ago, Black Friday was a tradition that existed only south of the border, while Canadians looked on with bemusement. Americans door-crashed their favourite retail stores, causing havoc as they fought for the best deals, and Canadians thought, What’s the big deal? Thanksgiving was last month anyway.

As it happened, Canadians figured out that Black Friday could save them some coin, too. In recent years, the trend has gathered speed up north, too—and with the increased popularity of online shopping over brick-and-mortar stores, it stands to reason that Black Friday has become an even bigger deal.

Black Friday Rages On

Plenty of stores offer exclusive sales available only online, and large-scale corporations like Amazon start discounting select items as early as October, in preparation for the anticipated craze, which culminates on Cyber Monday, which is the colloquial term for the Monday after Thanksgiving when online sales proliferate.

There’s not to say that Black Friday, in all its dizzying chaos, isn’t still a time-honoured tradition enjoyed by both Canadians and Americans. It’s just that the way shoppers are engaging with their favourite brands and products is changing slightly, and more people are purchasing via their devices.

However, the truly thrifty shopper is aware that Cyber Monday is a viable option, too. Since Canada jumped on board the Black Friday craze a few years back, there has been a fair amount of debate circulating about whether Black Friday sales or Cyber Monday sales are the best for your bank account.

Black Friday Deals

Cyber Monday Provides All the Benefits Without the Hassle

Financial reasons aside, Cyber Monday is pretty appealing. For introverts, Internet-savvy millennials, and anyone who doesn’t like to brave the mid-winter storms common to Canada, the decision between which day to shop is fairly simple.

Cyber Monday provides all the perks without the hassle of getting out of your loungewear and heading to the store, where crowds are anxiety-inducing, inventory sells out quickly, and sales are lacklustre in comparison to online-only alternatives—especially when you take into consideration the number of e-commerce stores, such as 123Ink, that sell products exclusively online.

It’s not hard to see why Cyber Monday is becoming North America’s favourite day of the year, with 53% of Americans noting that they are going to shop once the Black Friday rush is over and the cyber sales are flooding their inboxes. If you had the option of staying home, doing your shopping on your device, and still snagging some of the best holiday deals imaginable, wouldn’t you prefer Cyber Monday, too?

Cyber Monday Sale

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