Is Cyber Monday the Busiest Online Shopping Day?

Avid shoppers are “in the know” about the best places to shop, where to find the amazing deals and when to find the steepest discounts. With the Christmas season upon us, it is time for non-shoppers and shopper-wannabees to be “in the know” too. We are hoping this article will help educate you a little more about what has become known as the biggest online shopping day of the year – Cyber Monday Sales.

Maybe you have asked is Cyber Monday really the busiest shopping day of the year? You be the judge, as we share a few statistics we found.

A Yahoo Finance article reported, 2018 Cyber Monday was predicted to be the busiest online shopping day and it generated over $9 billion, beating out 2018 Black Friday sales with $7.4 billion in sales. That is a 19% increase and 20.3% consecutively. Notice the online sales beat out brick and mortar sales. Online shopping is “in”. After all, who wouldn’t go for the convenience of shopping from the comfort of home? The National Retail Federation is predicting a 4.2% increase overall this year.

Cyber Monday Sale

Forbes has stated that Cyber Monday Sales have earned more each year. Forbes also reported that it offered better discounts and savings. Again, you are the judge as you search online sales, paper flyers and e-sales letters. Be sure to let us know your opinion in our comment section.

Will you be shopping this Cyber Monday Sales or Black Friday Sales?

Cyber Monday 2019 & Holiday Shopping
After Black Friday, another biggest sale in the year is the Cyber Monday Sale. You will still find more deals to give your holiday shopping a happy ending. Buy an ergonomic chair as a Xmas gift for your loved ones or stock up your office supplies and printing ink toner cartridges before holidays, we have it all. This year it is Dec 2nd. Be sure to keep checking in for the deals!

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