What is the best way to print photos from an iPhone?

The HP X7N08A Sprocket Photo Printer is simply the best way to print from any mobile device including the iPhone. 

P Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

It is the best way to print from an iPhone because it is the easiest way to print with the touch of a button. 

It is the best way to print from a mobile device because you also get a free simple to use photo editor APP that allows you to get pictures from various social media feeds and print to the HP Sprocket Photo Printers. 

Let’s describe what the HP Sprocket photo Printers is and what it does.  You can also click on this link on 123ink.ca to watch a video on how it works. 

P Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

The Sprocket photo Printer is a personal mobile printer that is easy to carry (the size of a mobile phone) and easily connects to mobile devices via blue tooth.  Unlike most devices with the word printer attached to them, it contains no ink but instead uses 2” by 3” photo cards that contain ink within them, for creating pictures.  The device allows multiple mobile devices to connect to it allowing it to become a printing hub on the move. 

The Sprocket Photo Printer allows you to print 2 by 3 pictures and stickers on the move, at will and physically share these pictures with friends and loved ones.  The only thing better than sharing these pictures is getting a great deal for the Sprocket photo Printers (which allows you to share the pictures!!), and you can get a great deal for the Sprocket photo Printer on 123ink.ca where the device is going for the deal price of $169.99 inclusive of free shipping. 

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