Introduction of Canon GPR 31 Toner

The Canon – ImageRunner 500 Series, who uses Canon GPR 31 Toner, is that class of printer easily favoured by departments and offices that want fast printing speed but also want high quality for their black and white prints, as well as their colored prints.  Very simply users of this range of printers want high-quality prints at very fast speeds from a user-friendly system but do not want to pay over the top for the quality. 

Canon GPR 31 Toner

This class of printers comes with the canon optimized ink. Able to print duplex as well as the traditional single-page print.  This class of printer also gives advanced menu options such as the option of scanning directly to email and sharing files across systems.  Another positive and well-received feature is the auto feeder that enables 100 sheets to be transformed into digitals files in batches. 

They are liked by users because of their compactness and the appealing design that makes them easy to use and operate.  Users also like that can get all in one functionality (Scan, email, copy, and print) within one easy to use package. 

Canon GPR-31 Toner

The secret clause for this class of printers that differentiates them is the ink they use.  The OEM specified ink for these printers is the OEM Canon GPR-31 Combo toner cartridge.  But the chief complaint with the OEM combo is the cost.  But OEM Combo is not the only option for these printers.

It is time to introduce the Canon GPR-31 Compatible Toner Cartridge Combo BK/C/M/Y.  This is the compatible toner combo cartridge that gives the same yield as the OEM Combo– 36000 pages for the black, 27,000 pages for cyan/magenta/yellow -, as well as giving the same quality as the OEM Combo. It is a standard yield cartridge that is built to one of the highest certified manufacturing standards, the ISO14001 certification

Printers that use Canon GPR31 Toner

The compatible GPR-31 Toner Cartridge Combo is compatible with the Canon – ImageRunner Series, namely the

The ImageRunner Advance C5030,  

ImageRunner Advance C5035,

Also ImageRunner Advance C5235,

ImageRunner Advance C5235A,

And ImageRunner Advance C5240,

ImageRunner Advance C5240A.

And on, the best online shop for toner cartridges in Canada, they are currently offering a deal on the Canon GPR31 Toner.  You can get it for $349.99, which earns you a 7,000 S-point reward on the onsite.  And you also get free shipping with this order.

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