Introducing Our New Kneeling Chair

Those of you struggling with back, hip or neck and shoulder pain are probably continually looking for new ways to relieve or combat it. Your budget may not always enable you to go out and buy a new office chair every time your old one is not doing its job. We have written a lot about sedentary jobs and how the lack of movement can affect your health. We won’t belabour the point; however, we are excited to introduce our new Moustache® Ergonomic Adjustable Kneeling Chair.

About Our Posture Desk Stool with Orthopedic Knee Cushion

Our product department came up with a great description and product highlights (see section after this description): Moustache® Ergonomic Adjustable Kneeling Chair is a great companion. It combines comfort and durability to your entire body to help alleviate the damages caused by sitting on office and home chairs for an extended period. It places your body in an open angle upright position by lowering the angle of your lower body and placing your body weight on your buttocks, not your lower back. Both padded seat and knee cushion are made of recycled and memory foam, twice the thickness of the industry standard. Additionally, it can help reduce discomfort and pain to your knees caused by the thinner seat and knee cushions.”

Kneeling Chair Product Highlights

This kneeling chair has a weight limit of 250lbs. You can adjust the height (approx. 22”-27”) to meet your needs. It can be angled at a 90-degree angle to adjust your level of comfort while working. Again, for emphasis, it has a thick padded seat and cushion providing firm comfortable support for your body. It is equipped with four rolling wheels for easy moving. Its sturdy steel frame offers stability and security. It is also easy to clean…simply wipe down with a damp cloth!

It can be an armless and backless style kneeling chair, which provides a non-restrictive range of motion for easy access to surrounding supplies without obstruction. This design allows for more compact storage, with the entire seat fitting under the desk when not in use, which is ideal for a smaller space(s). Yay! To no more big, bulky chairs!

The armrests are not the typical office chair design. This handle style design gives you an added sense of security when sitting in the chair. The support it offers is a more personalized fit that allows you to better position the arms for support while typing.

The backrest design of this kneeling chair is there to help prevent that dreaded C-curved spine that comes with having a tired lumbar. It will keep you feeling supported and comfortable for extended periods of sitting by supporting your lumbar spine and keeping your pelvis pushed forward in the optimal position for a strong, healthy posture! Does this post make you want to try this kneeling chair? Us too! No, we do not all get to try every one of our products, unfortunately. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. We would love to hear from you! Before you go, check out this new kneeling chair.

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