Ink-spiring Brown Paper Printing Ideas

Have you heard about trending brown lunch bags? There are a lot of creative people coming up with ink-inspiring brown paper printing ideas. Who would have thought a small paper bag would create so much interest? The thing about paper is that it is eco-friendlier. The Paper is preferred over plastic because of its biodegradability. Paper lunch bags may be used on Halloween for goodie bags, birthdays for party favours, at Christmas for gift bags and so much more.

Paper lunch bags on their own are dull, however, with some imagination and printer ink, they can be made into a Pinterest-worthy item. Did you know you can print directly onto paper lunch bags?

Printing Ideas When Printing on Paper Bags

1. Try printing on a single bag before you load your paper tray with the paper lunch bags. Gradually add more bags as you test your printer to see how many it is capable of handling in the paper tray. Inkjet printers are best used for printing on these bags. Laser printers do not take thicker paper than copy paper or card stock. They also use heat and maybe burning on your bag creation.

2. Seal the flaps. Taping the flaps down will prevent your printer from jamming.

3. The open side of the bag should be facing in to go into your printer first.

4. The flaps may not hold print well so simply do not print on the bottom of the paper bag.

5. Check your settings to be sure your printer is set to accept the thicker paper.

More Steps to Follow

6. Place the paper bag on a regular piece of copier paper. Center your bag on a piece of computer paper, then tape it in place using a lightweight tape that is easy to remove without damaging the bag. This is a trick you play on your printer to make it think it is still printing on computer paper.

7. Load your “tricky” paper in the paper tray. Press print. Wait for your final product.

8. Try the draft mode setting on your printer. Draft mode is used when you want to print projects in a shorter time. It also uses less ink than the normal print setting. Do a test run to see if the quality is the same.

9. Avoid putting crafty extras through the printer. Do not allow ribbon, handles, rope, cutouts or pop-ups to go through the printer. All these items could cause printer damage or paper jams.

10. For larger quantities of bags, think about using compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges. They cost less without sacrificing quality

Paper Lunch Bag Printing Ideas

Now to the more interesting stuff. Look at these printing ideas to be INKspired!

Confetti toss program bag by Mavora.

Coffee ground favour bags by Details on Demand.

Outdoor scavenger hunt bag with the list on the outside of the bag.

Creative notes on brown lunch bags from Oh Happy Day.

Making custom bags is fun for the whole family. From parties to family gatherings, it gives your guests a personal glimpse of your creativity and a goodie bag to take home!

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