HP Printhead Troubleshooting Guide

HP Printhead is the necessary part of the HP printer that most people do not know exists until they encounter a problem with it.  Put simply, Printheads assist the ink cartridge to transfer ink to the paper via delicate nozzles that squirt the precise amount of ink at the right time at a pre-calculated angle to create the image desired by the printer. The work of the printhead goes mostly unnoticed if the printer is working well.  But knowing how to troubleshoot the printhead becomes important when the tell-tale signs of printhead failure or issues become apparent.  The most common of these signs are fading a streak ink mark on printed works. 

Troubleshooting an HP Printhead

Troubleshooting an HP printhead requires that a user understand that for HP printers that are two types of printheads.  Those that integrated with the cartridge and those that work independently of the cartridge.  The troubleshooting tips for the former are limited and consist of first running the printhead cleaning function in the printer menu.  If after running this severally and the issue is not fixed, the next step is to clean the cartridge printhead section with a dry lint-free cloth.  If this does not fix the issue, the next step might be to replace the cartridge. 

HP Printhead

For printheads that are not dependent on the cartridge, the troubleshooting steps are not too dissimilar.  But unlike the printheads integrated with the cartridge, removing the printhead, in this case, will involve a partial disassembly of the printer.  It is prudent to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to disassemble the printer to retrieve the printhead.  After the printhead removed, clean with a lint-free cloth.  Special attention must paid to areas that show signs of excessive ink when cleaning.  Other areas to clean are the electrical contacts and the edges between the ink nozzles and the electrical contacts. 

After printhead has been reassembled into the printer, the next step is to reset the printer by disconnecting it from the power source, waiting for a few moments before powering back up.  If the issue still persists after this step, it means you might likely need to replace the printhead. 

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