How to Print with Alexa: An HP Printer Guide

Do you have an HP printer that you want to connect to Alexa? This easy guide will show you how to do so in six steps.

Voice-controlled devices and apps are automating everything. The fact that over 37 million smart speakers are predicted to sell over the next year tells you how popular it is. One of these automated services is printing. Speak it and you can command your documents to be printed without getting out of your chair. In 2018, Alexa® was made compatible with HP®.  Alexa® has limited printing skills. Photos or specific documents cannot be printed out. Only pre-programmed files like lists or coloring pages. Alexa’s capabilities will likely improve in time as the technology is tweaked and advancements are made. Here are the steps to install and print using Alexa with your HP printer.

Printing with Alexa

The only things you can print are calendars, shopping lists, puzzles, comics, checklists, to-do lists, recipes and coloring pages.

Connecting Alexa to an HP Printer

The first step is to connect your printer and Alexa to your wireless network, this is how they will be able to communicate.

2. Is your printer compatible with HP ePrint? This is HP’s cloud-based printing service that allows printing to happen wherever there is WiFi. Look for HP ePrint on the display screen. It has a printer with a piece of paper. If the icon shows on your display, then it is compatible. If not, then consult with your owner’s manual.

3. You will have to download the HP Printer skill from Amazon or Alexa app.

To do this, search for “skills and games” in Alexa. Then look for “HP Printer”. Once you find it you will have to click “enable to use”.

In order to find the Alexa skill on Amazon’s website, search for “HP Alexa skill”. Select “HP” and choose “enable” so that the print skill will work on Alexa.

HP Alexa skill

4. After enabling the skill, you will have to enter the email associated with your printer. How do you find what email it is? By printing an information page from your printer. Troubleshoot by consulting your owner’s manual. You can also find the HP ePrint icon. Pressing it should print your information page.  When you purchased your printer, you may have registered for an HP Connected account, if so then login and you can find your printer email in your account. It is located above the printer icon.

5.  Once you have the email, type it into Alexa.

6.  You are good to print now! To start, just say, “Alexa, print my to-do list.” You are now part of the Alexa world of voice-activated commands.

If you use Siri, then you will have no problems using Alexa. Relax and have fun with your new HP printer technology skill.

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