How to Clean an HP Printhead by Yourself?

HP Printhead assists in transferring the ink from the cartridge to the paper.  The play a very important function in the printing process.  They can be broadly classified into two types.  Those that come integrated with the printer cartridge and those that operate independently from the printer cartridge.

For HP Printhead’s, the integrated printer cartridge with the printhead is normally found with the cheaper line of desktop printers.  While the printheads that operate independently of the cartridge are found in the higher-end models of desktop printers.  Having a printhead in good working order is a prerequisite for sharp quality prints. 

Issues cause the printhead to clog up

But like all machine parts, issues can arise that cause the printhead to clog up and adversely affect the quality of the print.  Most of the issues stem from ink particles clogging the printhead nozzle.  Faint or streaky spots when printing is the common signs of printhead being cogged up.  Another common cause of clogging of printheads is irregular printer use.  If you go more than a few weeks between print jobs on a printer, you stand the risk of causing the printer ink to dry out within the nozzle. 

When faced with the issue of a clogged printhead, the recommended first step is to run the cleaning function of the printer.  This function comes with every model of the HP printer.  It is typically accessed via the menu option under printer maintenance.  It normally takes 1 – 2 minutes to clean the printhead.  Check the printhead clogging has been resolved by printing a test page.  If the issue is still noticed, you might need to run the clean function 2 – 4 times to resolve the issue.  But do not run the clean function more than necessary as it depletes the ink level.  If running the clean function several times does not resolve the issue you might need to try out the manual cleaning option. 

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Manual cleaning of the printhead

Manual cleaning of the printhead differs based on the type of printhead installed.  Integrated printheads are less intensive to clean compared to the independent printhead.  For integrated printheads, takeout the cartridge and blot it faces down on a warm dry paper towel for 2 – 3 mins.  This will remove any dried ink on the printhead. Do not wipe the printhead as this will cause damage.  If it still does not work, you will need to change the cartridge. 

 For independent printheads, you need to first retrieve the printhead from the printer from the printers after removing accessories.  Clean the printhead with a dampened cloth and after submerge in paper towels face down. Then leave to dry in paper towel face up taking care not to touch printhead directly during this process.  If you require HP Printhead, you can find a lot of good ones on for very affordable prices.

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