How to choose Ergonomic Office Chair

We now know how important a lot of unseen factors are that make us productive in the office.  The experts tell us factors such as the room temperature, the layout of the office, the lightening in the office, even where the water cooler is placed all contribute to how productive we are in the office. 

Another easily overlooked factor that affects office productivity is something we see and use every day. Yes, it is the office chair.  A device we spend more time on over the course of our working life than our beds that we sleep on at night. 

Ergonomic Office Chair

Research has shown that we spend more than seven hours a day on the sitting down and a large part of these sit-down hours are in our office chairs.  And when we have one not ergonomically suited to our needs, we suffer adverse effects such as neck stiffness, back pain, eye fatigue, and body posture issues. These issues have an impact on our productivity and longer-term impact our health.  And because of these, we need to be committed to spending the resources required to acquire an office chair that prevents the above-listed issues.  And one of the ways of solving this issue is with an ergonomic office chair. 

The key to selecting an ergonomic office chair that is dependable is to know what is critical to you the user. There are different types that offer different properties. The most common functionalities that you should look at for in an ergonomic office chair are:

  • Lumbar support for lower back support
  • Armrest height adjustability
  • Seat height adjustability
  • Backrest height and position adjustability
  • Sturdy wheelbase
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Quality casters that roll easily

At there are different types of ergonomic chairs available;

Like the Ergonomic Executive Mesh Office Chair with Suspension Mesh Seat, Black – Moustache®

office chair

This high mesh chair designed to provide exceptional back support is being sold for $199.99 and you get free shipping for this product.

Chair from

Another good deal is the Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Suspension Mesh Seat – Black, Moustache®

mesh office chair

This ergonomic chair comes in mesh backrest that allows for all-around air circulation around the user as well as coming with free shipping, it is going for the discounted price of $159.99

office chair

The Ergonomic Faux-Leather Mid Back Office Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support from Moustache® – Dark Brown comes with a faux leather backrest and is currently going for the discounted rate of $99.99.  the price also includes free shipping within Canada.  

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