How to choose Ergonomic Office Chair

Did you know that Japan is hosting the 2020 Olympic games? And did you know that due to the high influx of visitors they are expecting into their country they have told nearly half a million commuters to work from home to cut down on the congestion in Tokyo? Isn’t that incredible? But it is a sign of the times. Due to technological advances, more and more work can be done from home. And, as jobs are being transitioned to home offices, understanding the importance ergonomic office chair is a must for all office workers.

It may come as a surprise, but the ergonomic professionals say ergonomic furniture is not only for comfort but to promote changing your body’s position frequently throughout your workday. Our bodies were made for movement. When we are sedentary that goes against what nature planned for the human body.

Here are things to Look for in an Ergonomic Office Chair:

  1. Tilt features. It should not only tilt back but also forward. The best position for your pelvis is to be tilted forward.
  2. Footrest. Some office chairs are made with footrests. This may or may not be enough, especially if you are short and your feet cannot reach the floor. Independent footrests may provide more freedom to move while sitting.
  3. Adjustable. An adjustable ergonomic office chair allows you to adjust the height of your chair to fit the height of your desk. This offers more back support, especially when the back of the chair is also adjustable. Armrests allow you to raise your arms to be in proper position while typing or writing. A headrest allows you to sit back and have head, neck and shoulder support. Seats of chairs are now made adjustable according to height and weight, making it easier for you to “fit” your chair.
  4. Wheels. An office chair should have wheels. It frees you to scoot about your office. Yes, you are still technically sitting but you are moving your legs and feet in the process.

The best advice we can give you is to take the ergonomic office chair for a test “drive”, or “sit” in this case, before you buy it. It is also equally important to get out of your chair and move frequently throughout your day. Don’t just sit all day. Get up and move. Walk around your floor. Take a quick walk during your break or lunch. Your body will thank you for exercising these healthy habits. Use Nike’s slogan as motivation, “Just do it!”

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