Getting Organized for School: 5 Things Every Student Needs This Year

There are invariably things on the back to school supplies list that teachers send out that are always the same. These are the things that every student needs. However, they may or may not be carried over from the previous years, depending on how you store old school supplies or the condition of certain items. Part of getting ready for the new year is getting organized, right? The more ordered and prepared your child is, the more you are setting him or her up for a successful school year. Below are five things that every student needs this year for school.

Back to School Supplies

back to school supplies shopping

1. Binders.

First of all, binders and dividers are key to your child keeping handouts, subjects, assignments, etc. organized in one place. Depending on your child’s organizational abilities, they could assign a color to each subject and keep them color- coded, so they are easy to see and find. Filing materials behind dividers are much easier too. Big zippered binders also come with organizational pockets for cell phones, pens, pencils, money, student id, and other back to school supplies.

2. Backpack.

Most students nowadays have a backpack. Backpacks are not age discriminant, from primary to college-age and beyond. They are pleasant to carry whether students walk, bike or take the bus or car to school. Many backpacks are an organizational tool in and of itself. Containing multiple pockets and zippered areas to keep your child’s belongings organized.

3. Desk Organizers.

Desk organizers are more for home desks or dormitories, as classrooms often change seating or occupy tables in lieu of school desks. If your child does have a desk at home or at school, desk organizers remain an effective tool to prevent things from getting messy and disorganized. You have all seen desks with empty lunch bags, crumpled papers and old tests! Include these to your back to school supplies list to assist your student from getting lost in the piles of a littered desk.

4. Notebooks.

Notebooks are a must-have because they can help keep subjects separate. you can organize notes in one place. Moreover, they typically can place into a binder, if they are hole-punched to do so.

5. Planners.

Finally, planners keep assignments, tests, club meetings, sporting events, appointments and other extracurricular activities organized in one place. It can replicate and share or enter into a digital calendar. Being organized is one of the keys to being successful, whether at home, school or at work. These back to school supplies will allow your child a jumpstart in having a successful school year.

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