Ergonomic Chairs for Your Office

When it comes to sitting, we currently have a better understanding than we did in the 20th century.  A prior misconception was that sitting in a posture perfect manner required one to sit in a ramrod straight position and not move or tilt the body position when sitting.  We now know that this notion is incompatible to the human body. Modern studies recognize that the human body will continuously move even when in a seated position. 

To provide the body relief and support when seated, modern ergonomic chairs are designed to accommodate this constant movement.  These Ergonomic chairs do not seek to force the body into an unrealistic body posture.  Good Office ergonomic chairs are equipped with 360 degrees roller castors that enable free uninhibited movement in all directions.  They also come with back support to hold up the lumbar region of the spine and avoid the back pain that is becoming a regular complaint of office workers. 

Office Ergonomic Chair

Other must-have features that need to be included within ergonomic office chairs are the height adjustment to allow the user work from different table heights, adjustable back tilt to allow the body relax into various positions and a comfortable pair of armrests that provide a platform for the arms to rest on. 

It is well known that sitting for prolonged periods on a chair that does not offer ergonomic benefits will lead to poor posture, body pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and even headaches.  What is not so well known is the impact on worker’s productivity and the cost to the business. This is the reason why an investment in ergonomic chairs for workers in the long term helps in realizing business benefits. 

Some organizations fear the high cost of ergonomic office chairs and avoid investing in them.  But this high cost can be avoided if you buy online on  This is one of the best sites in Canada and they offer competitively priced economic chairs such as the;

Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Armrest, Black from Moustache® that sells for $99.99. 

ergonomic office chairs

They also have the Executive TygerClaw Ergonomic High Back Office Chair with Headrest, Mesh which sells for $419.99. 

ergonomic office chairs

Other Ergonomic office chairs within the portfolio of include the Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Suspension Mesh Seat and Flip-Up Arms from Moustache® that sells for $149.99.

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