9 Ways to Creatively Store Your Printer

There is nothing worse than a printer or computer cords to mess up the pristine interior design of your home. People have become very creative in how to hide and store printers. You just may be impressed by the end of this post!

Printer Deals

Create Your Own Custom Cover for Printer

This cover may be wood that matches your home décor or furniture.

Use a Cupboard

Cupboards are great for storing not only food and office supplies but also printers.  Clean out one and place your printer on the empty shelf.

A Printer Drawer

Drawers are for storage, right? Why not free one up and place your printer inside? Brilliant idea.

A Filing Cabinet

Yes, filing cabinets are for files, but they are deep, high and handy for even a printer.

The Closet or Pantry

Roll-out drawers in a closet or pantry provide you with a unique way to keep your printer out of sight.

A Wicker Chest

Wicker is so versatile. There are chests and different sizes and shapes. Choose one the size of your printer and go to work at making it a part of your décor. Whether you use it as an ottoman or something stored on an unused shelf, you will be hiding the fact that your printer is a permanent feature in your home.

Side Tables

Side tables or end tables are not only for the TV remote, but printers can also find a home on one of these household staples and save you time and money on figuring out where to put the printers.


If you have extra space on a bookshelf that your printers will fit on, why not use it to store it? It gets it off your desk or dining room table, right?

A Basket for Printer

Who would have thought of a basket to hide printers, and does it ever look nice! Beware: cutting the basket is required, which means you will need sharp scissors, and/or a knife. Have you used your imagination to hide your printers from plain view? If so, drop us a note in the comment section sharing your idea. We would love to hear from you!

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