7 Ways the Printing Industry is Saving the Planet

It is a known fact that businesses generated a lot of waste. How many news articles have you seen headlines for factories dumping their liquid waste into waterways? The printing industry gets a bad rap for the amount of paper robbing the earth of its forests and for the number of ink cartridges ending up in the garbage, and then landfills. What is not touted are the ways this industry is saving the planet;

Keep reading for the seven ways it is doing so

  1. Eco-friendly paper. Recycled paper is becoming quite popular and many printing businesses have adopted it in their offices. This paper is made with sustainable materials, not made with trees, such as cereal straw pulp, which can be recycled and used again.
  2. Greener ink. Just as in the recycle paper, more businesses are using greener ink. This is either in the manufacturing of ingredients. Greener inks include hybrid ink and soy-based ink, both are better for the environment. The waste is much less than its regular ink counterparts.  
  3. Remanufactured ink. Again, to tout the benefits of using remanufactured ink. It is with new ink in recycling cartridges. Saving the earth from being filled with empty plastic cartridges that would take forever to break down.

More about the Printing Industry

  1. Waste Management. Moreover, businesses adopting more environmentally friendly business practices are taking the time, money and effort to look at their waste management and do something to reduce the amount of waste they produce. This means they are keeping track of their supply usage, the efficiency of their office equipment, etc.
  2. Using Both Sides of Paper. It goes without saying that using just one side of the paper is wasteful. Businesses are using both sides of the paper not only to reduce their paper expenses but also to be eco-friendlier.
  3. Direct Marketing Association Standard (DMA). The DMA has a Green15 for Marketers that offers input on how to make business marketing more sustainable.
  4. No Stinky Colored Ink. Toxic odours from color ink eliminate. And now businesses ink with no harmful stench. Better for the earth and the human body.

Finally, this gives you a quick glimpse at how the printing industry is doing its part to be “green”. Now you know some helpful facts to refute the naysayers of this industry. Now, it is your turn! Buy remanufactured ink cartridges and print supplies here at 123ink.ca!

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