4 Things To Change in Your Home Office

The home office is becoming increasingly popular as the gig economy becomes a more mainstream choice for a growing segment of the population.  The choice of working from home comes with such perks as having no daily commute, saving on transportation fares,  being able to work in your pyjamas and having quick access to your family and family stuff in case you need to quickly pick up some things. 

Despite these advantages of working from home, it does take discipline and concerted effort to be productive when working from home.  The number one complaint from people who work from home is interference from other home users who do not respect the space and privacy of the at-home worker.  This issue is easily resolved if rules are laid down and made known to other home users, that no interference will be accepted while “at work” at home. 

Other changes required to be productive when working from the home office may include:

 Changing your chair to an ergonomic chair

We tend to overlook the amount of time we spend sitting down at work, even in the home office.  And research has shown that a major productivity drag is sitting in chairs that cause back pain and affect body posture negatively.  So an investment in ergonomic chairs yields dividends in increased productivity.  And you can get quality chairs like the ergonomic Office Chair With Adjustable Headrest And Lumbar Support from Moustache® from 123ink.ca

home office chair

Getting a Desk Organizer 

A lot of people might think a cluttered desk shows that one is busy and working hard.  The truth is a cluttered desk is a hindrance to achieving daily goals.  Having to look for where the tape is on your desk takes up crucial time that would have been better spent on more relevant activities for your clients.  That is why a desk organizer like the 7 Section Metal Mesh Office Desktop Organizer, Black from Moustache from 123ink.ca is essential for the home office.

Invest in an all in one wireless printer

Getting a wireless printer ensures that you can print from multiple devices such as your phone and laptop simultaneously.  Coupled with the advantage of having your fax and photocopying in one device,  productivity is enhanced and you reduce the number of individual devices you need to manage. And on 123ink.ca you can get the Pantum M6600NW All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer with Fax for a very good price. 

home office printer

Couple your writing desk with your bookshelf

A lot of people overlook the amount of time wasted moving from the office desk to the shelves to get documents.  It is actually a lot when you think you do this activity every day for years.  And you can cut down on this time by bringing the shelf closer to the office desk.  Or even better get an office desk with a built-in shelf like the Writing Desk with Built-in 4 Tier Bookshelves – Moustache®. 

home office desk

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