3 Things You Should Know About Remanufactured Ink

It is always a bonus to save money on printer supplies. We all love it when that happens. While buying remanufactured ink is less expensive does put more money back into your wallet, there are some things you should know about it first before you stock your supply closet for the year.

Remanufactured ink is good for the earth! If you loathe the thought of landfills and playgrounds being made on top of old ones, then purchasing remanufactured inks is a way to put less in those awful landfills. Remember, remanufactured inks are made from recycled ink cartridges, which are refilled, repaired and reused.

remanufactured Ink

Remanufactured ink prints are not always the same quality as compatible ink or OEM ink. Sad but true. The quality will differ from each manufacturer. The key is to find a reputable one that produces quality ink. The way to prevent buying from an irrefutable one is to do your research. Read online reviews, articles and of course, ask your friends and family who use remanufactured inks.

Remanufactured ink is better for print documents, not photos. Wilhelm Imaging Research has stated that the quality and color of photos printed from an OEM Epson ink cartridge will last upwards of 40 years! Whereas, remanufactured inks may last 3-4 years before noticeable changes in color will appear.

Manufacturers make sure to fill remanufactured inks cartridges to the brim, unlike OEM cartridges, which are not.

Be sure to use remanufactured ink for documents or other projects that will only be kept for a short time. For photographs, important documents and art projects use OEM or compatible ink cartridges that will suit the high quality and longevity you desire.

One last word of advice is to choose a manufacturer that offers a warranty with their remanufactured inks.

Happy printing!

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