What should one do if a Brother printer starts working slow?

Most printer users at one time or the other would have experienced the frustration associated with waiting for a printer to print out a job that has a pending deadline, only for the printer to choose the worst time to act up and take like a gazillion years to print out what it would normally do in very short time.  This, unfortunately, is a fairly common experience, it also happens with Brother printer.  The first thing is to do is to calm down.  The next thing is to take the methodical approach to troubleshoot where the issue might be. We recommend the following steps be taken:

Steps to Take when Brother Printer Work Slow

  • Confirm that the back cover is shut properly, and the duplex tray is firmly installed in its designated position. These two fixtures being out of place will cause the printer to halt printing.   
  • Check the print resolution, the higher the print resolution, the longer it takes to print.  If a lower printing resolution will suffice for the job at hand, reduce the resolution accordingly
  • Check if the printer is in the quiet mode.  Brother printer works much slower in the quiet mode.  But this setting should be disabled by default.  If it enabled, disable to get a faster print speed. 
  • Check the type of printer supplies/ cartridges installed in the printer.  Duplicate or fake supplies damage the printer including impairing the print speed.  Use Original Brother printer supplies, you can get them at affordable prices from 123ink.ca
  •  If you are connected to the printer wirelessly, assess the wireless connection and ensure there is no issue with your local internet. 
  • Printer driver configuration issues can also affect the speed of printing.  If a persistent printer driver error keeps coming up.  It is better that you install the printer driver and install a new updated driver

If using a USB cable to connect to the printer, assess the cable for any damages.  Some of the damages might be internal and not visible to the naked eye. To ensure that the cable is not the cause of the issue, it is recommended to get another cable and test if the issue persists. 

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