How to Create an Effective Study Space for Back to School Season

Summer might be in full swing, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the upcoming school season, especially if your kids are starting a new milestone this fall. Whether they’re starting pre-K or college, a new semester can be overwhelming for students—and their parents.

Study space

A simple and effective way to eliminate homework stress? Change the environment your son or daughter studies in. It has long been known that those kids who hit the books in a quiet study space are more productive, but recent advances in cognitive science are indicating that recall and memory are better when students stick to a consistent study environment, too.

Even if your child’s room or dorm is not as spacious as they might have hoped for, you can make the most of small study spaces to ensure that the upcoming school year is the most successful yet.

Create a Study Space.

Child psychologists are beginning to recognize the value of kids having their own private study space, especially when they need to complete homework. It can be frustrating to find a safe haven for yourself when you live with family or with a roommate, but it’s not impossible.

Depending on your child’s personality, they might prefer to study alone in their bedroom, in a secluded corner of the house, or a converted closet. The options are endless. Parents and educators advise not to make the decision for your kid, though; those who are given an option on where they think they study the best typically fare better.

This is especially true for preteens and teens, who are reaching the age when they desire independence and rejoice at the thought of having a say in the household dynamics.

Eliminate distractions.

It’s always been difficult to buckle down and study, but today’s students have the added pressure of digital devices at their fingertips 24/7. Even the most studious teen is going to find it hard to avoid the tantalizing glow of the blue screen, the binge-worthy new series on Netflix, and the frequent texts from their friends.

In order to ensure your son or daughter is making the most of their study time, suggest that electronics be kept in a separate room during study hours. They might put up a fight at first, but it’s likely they’ll get into the routine by winter break. If you’re lucky, they might even start to enjoy the time away from their phone.

For college-aged students with a bit more independence, we suggest a distraction blocker app for Chrome or Safari. These apps lock down social media sites and other distracting pages to make sure students stay focused on a set amount of time.

Ensure it’s organized.

Your child might be a visual, auditory, or hands-on learner—we recommend sitting down with them to take a learning style test in order to establish a personalized and unique approach to studying.

No matter whether your son or daughter prefers to doodle, memorize mnemonics, or listen to lectures in order to boost their memory, every student can benefit from an organized desk space. Colour-coding notes are simple when a whole rainbow of pens is within arm’s reach. Notebooks dedicated to different subjects should be stacked neatly and organized in a practical way. Back to school supplies are available for purchase online and at your local retailer. Check back frequently for end-of-summer sales and snag some of the best purchases that will help your daughter or son make the honour roll this year!

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