How Parents Can Save Money on Back to School Shopping

Back to school shopping does not have to mean you need to break the bank. With careful planning, a lot of research and useful tips you will read on this blog, most parents will be able to make useful savings on their back to school shopping list. 

Have a Budget

Considered the most important of Back to School Shopping by a lot of parents, is to have a budget.  And you develop a budget by having a list of what you need for each kid and an estimate on how much you can afford for each item.  Summing this list will give you an idea on what you can afford to expend.  Having a list will also enable you to prioritize on what must be bought and what can be left out. 

Back to school supplies

Online stores give savings

Proactively having a list of what you need to buy enables you to easily research different shops, stalls or online retail outlets to get stuff from.  Online retail stores are especially useful because you save on commuting time and cost to buy items.  A good online like, will offer you good deals as well as offering free deliveries for orders above $50.

Buy in Bulk

Another way of saving on your back to school shopping is to buy in bulk to get more discounts from retailers.  You can anticipate what your child will need over the course of one full school year, and for non-perishable items, order them in bulk.  Then give what is required to the kids at that particular time.  Of course, you have to remember to store the items in a place where they will not get damaged. 

Drapability is important

An often-overlooked point (but equally as important) is the research on products review required to identify quality stuff for the kids.  This research will enable parents to identify durable stuff that will be more value for money in the long term even though you might have to pay more initially. 

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