Help Your Kids Get Organized for School

Kids normally do not get organized

A common question a lot of kids ask is “dad, where is my …… “or “mum, I cannot find …. “.  this scenario plays out in a lot of homes across the country.  It is common because kids are not born with natural self-organization skills.  They have to learn it and they typically need the assistance of parents and guardians to get organized. 

Get Organized for School

With schools set to resume in the coming months, parents are going to be heavily involved in getting kids ready and organized to attend school. And during the school year, planning with a calendar with the kids for the different school activities they need to attend as well as for the daily tasks the kids will need to be engaged in. 

Engaged parents lead to better-organized kids

The underlying theme for all these activities is organization. Parents rather than seeing a kid who enquires where their stuff is as the time to show them where that stuff is should actually see this an opportunity to build self-organization skills.  The central idea around building self-organization skills, is you need to constantly expose the kids to doing organizations activities in different ways at frequent intervals till it becomes second nature to the kids. 

Get organized

Organizing the Tabletop

And one of the easier ways to teach self-organization is to get the kids to put the pencils, stick gums and smaller craft pieces within a desk organizer like the 7 Section Metal Mesh Office Desktop Organizer, Black – Moustache® from  informing the kids that this task must be done regularly because it makes it easier for them to remember where to pick stuff from will help build this habit. 

Organizing the activities and Bags

Get organized

Another way of building the habit of organization, especially with older kids, is to let them frequently plan their daily, weekly and monthly task with the aid of a calendar planner.   It does not matter if this is a digital calendar available on their laptops and tablets as an application or is the physical planner such as the Blueline® Timanager® 2019 7-Day Weekly Diary, 11 x 8-1/2″, Black from  Kids learn to prioritize time and plan ahead after they get into the habit of using their calendar planners.

Another area of improvement for kids is organizing the stuff in their bags when they go to school.  Parents can assist in this regard by getting a bag like the ORO® 2 Compartments School Bag, 27.5 x 41 x 20 cm – Unicorn.  A compartment bag will allow and teach kids the importance of putting different types of items in different sections of the bag for easy sorting and retrieval. 

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