Camping Chair Buying Guide for 2019

The promise of spring and summer is what keeps a lot of us motivated during the long winter months in Canada.  And when spring comes and the mercury rises, we know it is now time to take advantage of the good weather outdoors and spend more time enjoying the breeze, the warmth of the sun and the feel of the grass under our feet. 

Of course, we equally might also want to hike in the woods, have an outdoor picnic with friends and family,  or even plan a getaway to that remote spot where we can be alone to savour the joys of the wild. One of the key essential item for all our outdoor activities during the spring and summer months we cannot do without is the camping chair

It should be the first thing we put in the car when planning a trip outside.  No one wants to spend all their time standing endlessly instead of sitting down and relaxing tired limbs.  The durability and resilience of a camping chair should be one of the key considerations before deciding to buy one because there is nothing worse than taking a chair for a trip only for the chair to fail and you have no other option than to sit on the floor. Ouch!!

Camping Chairs

Camping chair

Other considerations to look at before deciding on a camping chair include, its weight – especially if you need to carry it for considerable distances.  Does the camping chair come with a carryon bag with handles?  Do you need a camping chair that has a drink holder?  A very important feature, nobody likes holding the very cold or hot drink very long when sitting.  

camping chair

If you are reading this article on blog, you are in luck.  Because you can get various types of camping chairs and folding tables on  Like the  Breathable Mesh Polyester Fabric Camping Chair, from Moustache® – 1/Pack that sells for $14.99.  It is a lightweight durable camping chair with a drink holder and carryon bag.  Also available is the Lightweight Portable Camping Moon Chair from Moustache ®, Gen 2.  This chair has a comfortable futuristic design that is easy to fold and goes for $29.99.  And for those looking for an easy carry table to take along. You can get the Portable Camping Square Aluminum Folding Table, 70cmx70cm from Moustache® for $39.99. 

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