Back to School Supplies need to stock up

The summer months seem to blow by quickly, and very soon the kids will be going back to school, (maybe not soon enough for some parents!!).  This can seem like a tedious time for a lot of parents, with all the organizing that goes into planning what school supplies will be required to ensure that the kids are prepared to go back to school Supplies

 What grade your kids are will determine to a large extent, what you need to be planning to buy in this period.  Kids in high school, have more adult-like needs, like a laptop or PCs for submitting and researching assignments. High school kids that are homeschooled might also need a printer and a scanner to submit assignments. But universal to all kids is the need for a backpack to lug books and stuff around.  The choice of a backpack is dependent on individual needs and specific requirements of the schools. 

Back to School Supplies, you need to stock up

back to school supplies

For kids in pre-high school grades, the school will usually furnish the parents with a list of what supplies are required before the students go on their summer break.  Depending on the grade the list will typically contain items like notebooks, sharpies, color pencils, crayons, cleaners, color books, office papers, stationery sets, erasers, sticky gum, art and craft paint brushes, school lunch bags, etc.

Parents are advised not to rely on this list alone. It is useful to speak to your children and identify other things they may require outside the school list. For example, parents who have pre-high school homeschooled kids might identify that their kids may also need a software application for their new session during back to school supplies planning. 

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