Back to School Shopping Tips for Teachers

Creating a back to school shopping supply list

From the standpoint of parents, teacher’s involvement in back to school supplies is in creating a list of the supplies that their kids will bring home.  Not many know that teachers also have to create their own back to school list for themselves to enable them to prepare for teaching in the new school year.  And this list will require teachers to understand what subjects they will be teaching in the new school year and how they will need to teach the subjects, so the students/kids get a better understanding of the subjects. 

Experienced teachers usually take a reflective approach to understand what worked well in conveying the information they wanted to pass along to their students. Some teachers even go the extra mile to identify new approaches that are used to teach similar subjects.  The end goal is to identify the school supplies that will make teaching kids a fun, engaging and rewarding activity for both the teachers and the students. 

Back to shool shopping

Saving Money

Very important for teachers is to identify the funding for the back to school supplies for teachers.  Different schools have different ways of funding the back to school supplies for the teachers.  Before the first cent is spent, it is imperative that the teachers get directions from the principal on the funding and budgetary guidelines for back to school supplies.  In some schools, it is the Parent-teacher association (PTA’s) that handles funding for back to school supplies. 

Also pertinent for teachers back to school Shopping supply list is to start the planning early.  This helps avoid the rush that comes with getting ready before the students resume school.  It is also necessary for teachers to also identify ahead what supplies they need to have in reserve for those students who miss bringing their own supplies to school.  Another tip is to keep a running list of supplies that will need replenishing throughout the year.  Identify the reorder point for each of the items in the running list and ensure orders for replenishment are put in when the reorder point is reached. 

Shop online  

A good way for teachers to save money on back to school Shopping supplies is to shop online.  Shopping online gives you the advantage of a wider selection of items, and you do not have to visit different shops to get access to the wider selection. is having a promotion on back to supplies on items such as bags, writing materials, paper, and stationery, etc.

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