Back to school how-to: create an effective homework space

A lot of parents overlook the need for their kids to have a dedicated space to focus on their homework.  But the need for such a space is clear based on research. Children are able to focus and concentrate more when they are free from distractions, noise intrusion, and pollution in a serene, familiar environment. 

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that creating an effective homework space for kids means either giving up one of the rooms, or additional building works in the house.  Actually, this is not mandatory.  The tips below will show some of the ways of creating an effective home workspace for kids

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Be Practical

The location of the kids’ homework space needs to be in a segregated area free from noise and vision interruption.  This means not close to the TV or where other people can easily interrupt.  If you have an area of the house that can be fenced off that will be the ideal location.  But if this is not available, you can get the kids to create a temporary work area every time they need to focus on their assignments, by going to an area of the home they can temporarily work from that has a sitting arrangement and in which they cannot be easily disturbed.  it is advisable you choose a location that has a lot of natural light. 

Prepare the area

Preparing the homework area means you need to make the area conducive for study. A good sitting arrangement is a must.  Remove every form of distractions such as laptops, tablets, phones, iPod, etc. ensure the area is clutter-free by arranging books within shelves or bins.  Have the pens and tables put in desk organizers to have them easily accessible? 

Have Back to School Supplies at hand  

With a kid’s homework space at home, part of the back to school supplies shopping will involve buying supplies for the kids’ space. The relevant textbooks should be at hand.  Other back to school supplies required are the stationaries, papers, and pencils. A location should be found near the homework space to stock the supplies. Parents should then check once in two weeks, or every month to assess if the supplies need to be replenished. This avoids the supplies running out and the kids losing valuable learning time searching for new supplies instead of focusing on learning.

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