Back to School Binder Buying Guide

Required Binders Properties

Many of us do not put much thought into what a binder has to go through over its lifetime.  It is quite a lot.  Imagine you are binders.  You get picked up and thrown down.  You are put on various types of surfaces, in cold weather or hot blistering weather.  A lot of paper gets wedged into you.  You are expected to still protect the papers that are stored into you perfectly even when you are cramped into a backpack with other assorted odds and ends.  Water or other liquids might get spilled on quite often. And this can happen every day for years and years. 

I hope this gives an idea of what binders go through.  That is the reason why the most important property to seek in a Binder before buying is its toughness and durability.  Binders must be tougher than the backpacks that carry them.   Also, look out for binders that have covering and reinforcement for their edges that make them resistant to abrasion and peeling at the edges. 

Look for D- rings as they hold more papers than the traditional O-rings. The locking mechanism is one of the key structures within a binder, so you want to ensure that it is solid and will not open every time you open the binder.  For kids, you want a binder that comes with tabbed dividers that keep the kid’s papers organized.  Another necessity for kids is binders with deep pockets to hold other stuff other than the punched out paper. 

Binder Buying Guide

The good news is you can get  Binders that have a mix and match of the various properties listed above if you do your back to school supplies shopping at  for those looking for a Binder that does the job but saves on money, you can consider the Geo Durable D-Ring Presentation Binder that sells for $4.99.  it fits snugly in most backpacks and comes with the D-ring to hold more paper. 

You can also try out the QuickFit® Presentation Binder, Letter Size if you are looking for a light binder with two deep side pockets for the kids. 

For the those like teachers, who require heavy-duty binders to hold a voluminous amount of papers, you can consider the Avery® Heavy-duty Presentation Binder, One Touch™ Locking D Rings – 3″.  It comes with a one-touch lock mechanism that makes it easy to lock down a large rim of papers. 

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