A Few of Our Favorite Back to School Supplies for Teachers

Kids Look up Teachers

A lot of kids see teachers as their inspiration. They look up to the teachers to give them directions, confidence, and validation. And good teachers know this and always try to live up to the expectations of their students. This extends to what teachers recommend to the students. Apart from writing up a list of back to school supplies for their students. Teachers might also go the extra mile and recommend the products they know will serve their students well and will also give them savings. 

Back to School Supplies

Even the most experienced teachers that have observed the functionality, reliability, and durability of different type of back to school products can only talk about a limited set out of all the available products. 

Favourite Back-to-School Supplies for Teachers

Lunch Bag

We in 123ink.ca are aware that teachers have this limitation, that is why as a team we have come with a list of our favourite back to school supplies for teachers to continue to use to inspire and improve their students. 

First on the list is the LouisGarneauXTR Insulated Lunch Bag with Removable Liner, 9.1″ x 9.1″ x 5.9″ – Gray.  If you know kids, you know a lot of them are picky eaters. And many refuse to eat a meal once it is cold. That is why recommend this lunch bag.  Because it keeps food warm for a long time, so kids can enjoy their meal at any time of the day. 

Colored Dustless Chalk

Teachers looking for ways to inspire their kids to be more creatively should get the Colored Dustless Chalk, 12 Assorted Colors – Moustache® – 2/Pack.  This is two packs of different colored chalks that will enable kids to literally get their hands dirty on the blackboard creating their own artistic drawings. 

pencil case

Kids are not the best organizers. At their young age, they are still in the process of learning to be disciplined.  To always put things where they should be.  An easy way for teachers to teach this behaviour is to advise kids to get the ORO® Dog 2-Zipper Pencil Case.  This pencil zipper case comes with two pouches that enable kids to sort different pencils types into separate categories that stay within different compartments of one zipper case.  

We use the post-it-note to remind ourselves to do stuff at a future time.  So, teachers can introduce students to the Post-it® Recycled Greener Canary Yellow Notes, 100 Sheets Per Pad – Plain, 3 x 5″,1/Pack.  This post-it note is made from recycled paper allowing the kids to exhibit environmental responsibility.  It also has a color that will easily attract the attention of young kids.

postit back to school supplies

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