7 Study Supplies on Every Student’s Shopping List

Importance of Study Supplies

School and Study are two words that most recognize go together.  We expect that students who go to school will spend their time studying and acquiring new knowledge.  A phrase most will connect to study and school is back to school supplies.  This easy connection is made because most parents are aware that they need to get back to school supplies to make their kids ready for school. 

Study Supplies

But the connection runs deeper than this.  Back to school supplies apart from making kids prepared to go to school are aids to learning.  Or put another way, in school, back to school supplies are required to study.  Study supplies have a long-lasting impact on students; when students start in kindergarten, it is with the aid of study supplies that they learn to read.  After students have matured in their reading skills, it is with the aid of study supplies that they develop more knowledge that they need to understand all the different subjects they will be taught. 

We the team at 123ink.ca understand the importance of back to school supplies in the development of young minds.  We have come up with a list of 7 study supplies that should be in every student’s shopping list. 

7 Study Supplies

Color PU Loose-Leaf Notebook with Buckle

Color PU Loose-Leaf Notebook with Buckle, 80 Sheets, A5 – Moustache® – Light Gray, $9.99: notebooks are for putting our ideas and thoughts down to aid recollection and visualization.  The Loose – leaf notebook has 80 sheets of paper bounded by a cover to help students capture all their different ideas.

7 Section Metal Mesh Office Desktop Organizer

7 Section Metal Mesh Office Desktop Organizer, Black – Moustache®, $9.99: desk organizers give students a way to put their stuff on their desk in an easy to retrieve manner without causing clutter.  The 7-section metal desk organizer does this by using 7 types of different compartments to hold different stuff.  This creates a clutter-free area required to focus. 


Sharpie® Chisel Tip Tank Style Highlighter – Package of 6 Assorted Highlighters, $5.99: students always need a way of marking out what is important in a text when studying.  This package of 6 sharpies of different colors allows you to choose different colors to differentiate the importance of each text. 

post it
Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard

Post-it® Notes Cube, 2″ x 2″, 400 Sheets/Cube – Orange Wave 691303, $4.99: sticky notes are essential reminder tools when studying, they can also be used for artworks and illustrations on boards.

Magnetic Dry-Erase Whiteboard, Aluminum Frame, 60 x 90cm (24″ x 35″) – Moustache® – Fix clips on the wall $29.99: Some of our best studying time is when we study as a group.  And you will always need a board like this Dry erase whiteboard to describe an idea to the group. 


Blueline® Academic Weekly/Monthly Planner Funsie (2019-2020), 8 x 5 in, $14.99: planners help plan the day including the study time.  They enable students to schedule their study time in advance. 

Classic Pencil 2 with Eraser

PaperMate® Mirado Pencils, Classic Pencil 2 with Eraser, 12/Box, HB 660472, $3.19: Pencils have been around a long time. Their usefulness is still relevant even in the modern world for scribbling and drawing.

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