5 Money-Saving Tips for College Students

College Students go through a lot of stress when back to school supplies Shopping. A lot of it is financial stress.  There are a lot of expenses involved with college life, from expenses for tuition, room and board, textbooks and other living expenses. And with schools set to resume soon, there is always a constant stream of new things to spend money on in a new session.  Here are 5 money-saving tips you will find useful;

back to school supplies

Use your school ID as a Discount ID:

There are numerous organizations that give discounts to college students. A lot of these discounts are generous.  Some organizations have offerings exclusively for college students.  And this is not limited solely for entertainment.  You can use your college ID to get discounts on cable, phone, internet, and even textbooks.  It pays to use your college ID as often as possible to get these discounts. 

Renting is cheaper than buying:

Especially when it comes to textbooks. Textbooks are one of the major expenses that college students spend on.  A lot of textbooks are used only for one semester, so it pays to rent such textbooks.  Even if you buy a textbook, there are services that allow you to sell it, which saves money.  Another option to consider is using library books (if available) to get the books required. 

Do your research:

Reaching out to prior students of a course will enable you to know what is actually needed for that course.  Buying items that are not used is wasteful and cost money.  Another way of doing research is to check online to identify what resources will be required for a course.  You can also reach out to the course lecturer to get their sense of what resources are must-have for a course as well as those that are nice to have. 

Shop wisely:

In the modern world, shopping wisely a lot of the time, means shopping online.  A lot of online stores have economies of scale and lower overheads that allow them to give more discount compared to traditional retailers.  A good website to use for your back to school shopping in Canada is 123ink.ca.  they offer a lot of items at reasonable prices and currently have deals on their back to school supplies

Consider digital books: 

If you are able to read through your PCs, laptops, and tablets for long periods of time without stress, then you should definitely consider digital/e-books.  They allow you to have all your books in one portable device.  They also come at a very large discount compared to traditional books which allows you to save more. 

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