5 Back to School Supplies Trends Every Parent and Teacher Should Know About

Sometimes, as parents, you can be so focused on the daily grind of parenting that you can completely miss the current trends of fashion, technology and yes, even back to school supplies. Don’t let the every day things cloud your vision or the interests of your children. Take a moment to get into the loop of current trends. The purpose of this post is to share 5 back to school trends every parent and teacher should know about.

back to school supplies

Forest Art.

Forest art? Yes, that is what we said. What better way to promote a peaceful mind than for your child to look at a pencil case or pencil and be transported to the forest of pixies and nymphs. What better way to improve a child’s creativity than to remind them of the wonderful world of fairytales and Disney movies?

90’s Flashback.

Checkered patterns, surfer dudes, neon colors are all from the ’90s and they are making a comeback in backpacks and other back to school supplies. It will be funky for you to see your children oohing and aahing over things that you did as a child. Now, that is a true flashback, an ironic one.

Cute Animals.

What child doesn’t like animals? It is one of the first subjects you teach your children – animals and the sounds they make. Animal patterns never truly go out of style. They are just re-made and added to new products, like back to school supplies and clothing.

In with Pastels and Out with Darks.

Pinks, light green, baby blue and pale yellow are back. Gone are the darker reds, browns, blues and purples of past years. The lighter colors are being put together as solids and other fun patterns. Back to school supplies never looked so good!

Stay Organized with a Planner.

With the advances of technology, you may be like the masses. And use a digital planner on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. However, paper planners are still an “in” thing. It can also help your child learn to be more organized. And better prepare them for the future – high school, college and beyond. They can learn to add their assignments, tests, extracurricular activities and appointments on paper before they move onto the digital phase.

It is always a good idea to have everything a copy on another device. Or a paper planner to prevent something from falling through the cracks and getting lost in the shuffle. It can be a place where your child writes down their goals for the school year. Planners come in all shapes and sizes. They come in different colors and patterns too. Making them just as fun to pick out as other back school supplies.

Trends do not have to be a negative thing. They can be cool and fun. They also do not have to cost a fortune when you take advantage of back to school supplies savings!

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