Which kind of toner cartridges brand is better? HP, Canon, or Brother Toner

Toner cartridges are used in LaserJet printers. They use different technology compared to Inkjet cartridges.  While Inkjet cartridges have liquid ink in them. Tthe nozzle sprays the ink onto the printing paper. Toner cartridges, on the other hand, have the dry powder in them known as the toner that is attracted to a charged printing paper. 

Toner cartridges are the ideal printers for printing black and white images at a very quick rate with a low cost per page.  There are several different competing brands in the toner market space ( and by extension, the LaserJet printer space).  The well-known brands are HP, Canon, and Brother.  All these OEMs produce different types of Toners. 

There are toners that come embedded with drum units, there are others which have drum units and toner powder sold separately.  While some of the OEMs sell the chip separately from the toner cartridge. But most sell the chip together with the toner cartridge. 

Which of the Printer Toner Brand is Better

Assessing which of the toner brand is better can be tricky.  Mainly due to the fact most (if not all), toner cartridges are incompatible with LaserJet printers manufactured by other OEMs.  So the characteristics of the toner cartridges can only be assessed by on their performance with manufacturer compatible printers.  And with this scenario, the performance of the printers themselves also plays a role in the quality of the printed works. 

But, the quality of the printed works is not the only factor to consider in assessing a toner’s brand.  Other factors such as quality of customer service, reliability of the product, access to technical assistance, type of return policy available, product availability and purchase price (compared to other brands) must also be considered. 

Ink cartridges is not toner cartridges

To conclude, based on the factors listed above, my own view is the Brother toner stands ahead of the pack among other brands.  Brother toners produce crisp and high-quality printed works. They can easily be found and bought from many channels, one of which is 123ink.ca.  Their products rarely have issues.  And if issues arise, they have the best customer service available (compared to other OEMs) that is available from multiple channels.

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