What Should I Do with my Old Printer After I Get A New One?

The time has come and your current printer has finally kicked the bucket. It’s treated you well over the years but it just doesn’t suit what you need it for. There is no shame in trading in your old printer for a new one but now you are left wondering what is there to do with your old printer? You can’t just throw something like this in the weekly household or business garbage nor do you want it taking up valuable space that could be used for storage.

Printers are considered machines or appliances and they have to be thrown out in the garbage according to the regulations of your area or there could be fines involved. What if your printer is not ready for the garbage but instead just ready for a new home? There are ways to get rid of your old printer so that you can set up your new one and resume your daily printing activities.

Printer Deals

Smart Disposal of E-Waste

If your printer doesn’t work anymore and it tends to jam, print wavy lines or simply doesn’t print at all; you need to dispose of it. Contact your nearest E-Waste recycling facility and arrange for them to either pick up your old printer or arrange a time to drop it off. These facilities will strip the printer of any harmful agents or parts that could contaminate landfills and make sure they are disposed of properly before sending pieces of your printer to factories to be recycled into other items.

Donate It

If your printer still works but you just need one that will function at a high capacity, then look into donating your old printer to a non-profit or charitable organization in your area. These organizations tend to be low on cash and rely mostly on patron donations, so a donation of a printer to meet their needs could save money to be used for better causes. If you have printer replacement ink cartridges lying around, then donate these too and make someone’s day a little brighter.

You can also look into donating your old printer to your local school or daycare for office needs. Some schools are strapped for cash due to budget cuts and your donation of a printer for the library might be just what student’s need for their school projects and assignments.

Trade It

Some manufacturers will trade your old printers. In towards a reduction of the cost on a new one of the same brand. Check into this option and see if you can trade-in your printer on a new model. The only thing is – the printers are expected to work. Companies will then take these working printers. And donate them to school boards or charitable organizations where they can enjoy a new lease on life.


Once you’ve decided that you are getting rid of your old printers. At least now you have some options for the method of disposal. You don’t have to keep it lying around unless you want it for backup printers. But instead, why not choose one of the above options. And make someone’s life a little easier when they can get gently used printers on the cheap. But once the old printer is gone, you definitely need a new one if you haven’t gotten it already. Now it’s time to shop for new printers. And with a budget in mind along with the functions you are looking for – it’s time to shop. Shop wisely and shop deals to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. Meaning it’s time to shop at 123Ink.ca for the best deals on brand name printers! You will earn rewards points that can be used towards future purchases. Such as printer ink replacement cartridges or computer paper. You truly can’t go wrong!

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