What are the differences Between New and Remanufactured HP Toner Cartridges

There are some major differences between new and HP remanufactured toner Cartridges. But they may not be entirely what you think. Remanufactured cartridges truly are the underdogs of the story, but they can actually be really affordable options that also provide quality results. So, what are the actual differences between these two categories?

HP Printer Toner New vs. Remanufactured

New cartridges are pretty much what they sound like: fresh products that are brought to your straight from the assembly lines. A lot of people think that a new cartridge is an OEM, but they can also refer to compatible cartridges as well.

First of all, OEM cartridges are from the same brand that manufactured the printer, while compatible cartridges are from a third party company, with the approval of the printer manufacturer. New cartridges are always the most reliable and qualitative choice, as they are come with generous warranties and won’t even void the warranty of the printer. However, new cartridges are also expensive.

HP Printer Toner

If you wish to buy compatible HP toner in the past, you may have come across something that is “remanufactured toner”. HP remanufactured toner ink cartridges actually use the original products that have been refurbished and are ready to be resold.

These cartridges have been collected by the manufacturing plant, repaired, reconditioned, refilled, repackaged, and can now be sold at a fraction of the cost of an original cartridge. A useful tip to remember is to ask the seller of remanufactured HP printer toner if the cartridge has been rechipped.

Every toner cartridge has a chip that records the number of prints previously done. Based on this chip, your printer can determine the number of remaining impressions before the toner needs to be replaced. If a cartridge hasn’t been rechipped, the printer won’t be able to accurately determine the level of toner, so the low ink warning you receive may not be on point.

Refilled Cartridges

Refilled cartridges are also part of the used cartridge category, and are the most affordable option of all. However, these cartridges are refilled without any assessment of the product itself, which means that you don’t have a clue on the actual condition/state of the product.

So Typically, refilling a cartridge implies injecting toner from a bottle into the cartridge, by using a syringe. With refilled cartridges, you are at risk of damaging the printer.

Bottom Line

The choice between these two types of cartridges is strongly dependant on your budget, as well as the type of printing you normally do. There is a difference between the results from an original cartridge. And those delivered by a remanufactured on. But, if all you need is to print out tables and text, the difference won’t be visible.

To Conclude, keep in mind that the price difference between a remanufactured cartridge and an original one is pretty consistent. So if you are on a strict budget and not very pretentious in terms of print quality, a remanufactured cartridge should keep you covered.

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