Toner Cartridges for Brother HL-2275DW

The Brother HL-2275DW monochrome laser printer is the home office owner dream printer.  It is the laser printer that gives duplex printing.  For the lesser technically minded, this means you can print on both sides of the sheet, which saves a lot in printing sheets.  And for such a dirt-cheap printer it comes with the wireless printing option, which allows you to stick it into a corner and still have access to it. 

The quality of print from this printer is amazing.  You also have other options of interconnection such as through USB or ethernet.  But why bother when you can use the wireless connection.  The printer also allows you to print from your phone and tablet, but you do need to get the brother mobile app to do this.

Brother HL-2275DW Printer Supplies

Brother HL-2275DW Printer Supplies

One concern a lot of printer users have is when the printer is cheap, typically the printer ink/toner is typically more expensive.  While that might be true for some other printers. It is not true for the Brother HL-2275DW Toner.  This is so especially when you buy from a site like  there you can see the different options available, and some of the available options come with free shipping. 

the site offers compatible Brother TN450 Toner. Such as the Brother TN450 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge High Yield from Moustache® – 1/Pack for $24.99.  Another compatible option is the Brother TN420 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge from Moustache® – 1/Pack. Which goes for an amazing price of $19.99.  And if you are interested in Brother DR420 Drum. You can easily get the DR-420 Compatible Drum – from Moustache® – 1/Pack for $37.99. Original OEM toners for the Brother HL-2275DW are also available on The Brother TN450 Original Black Toner Cartridge High Yield from Brother goes for $76.99 which includes free shipping.  And the original drum – the Brother DR420 Compatible Drum – Economical Box goes $29.99.

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