Tips for Getting Personalized School Supplies for Kids

Who doesn’t like personalized products? They are so much fun! Whether it is the beach tote or bathroom towels, everyone likes a bit of personalization to show who they are and to whom they belong to. If adults feel like that, then it is safe to say children are the same way. Back to school supplies shopping is a great way for kids to get excited about the new school year, learn to be organized and responsible for their own belongings. So, what ways can you get personalized school supplies for your kids?

Let Your Child Choose

Every child is different. In personality, taste buds, interests and talents. While sometimes it is good to expose your child to new things, for example, music lessons can be a part of the discovery process to see if your child has any musical abilities. Or gym class may unearth hidden or unknown athletic abilities. After a while, it will be your child’s choice to continue with piano lessons in search of something new, like a new musical instrument or another interest altogether. The same goes for back to school supplies. Taking budget, what you already have on hand and what is being passed down to be reused into consideration, allow your child to choose some of their school supplies. It gives them the freedom to show their personality, it gets them involved instead of being bored while shopping.

Back to School Supplies Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List

Personalized Products

There are label makers on the market that make professional-looking labels. This would probably pay for itself repeatedly, depending on how many children you have and how long each one has left in school. However, monogrammed products are another way to get certain back to school supplies personalized for your children, such as backpack, swim towel or lunch bags. There is also label paper or iron-transfers available for clothing and other items where monogramming is not an option. Rubber stamps are especially fun for younger students. These can be custom made if your child’s name is not readily available. If you own a sewing machine or have a family member who does. And it has the embroidery stitch, then you and your child can take personalization to a new level.

If you do not have any experience using the embroidery stitch. Consult with someone who does before you start personalizing your child’s back to school supplies. Personalized products help your child have a sense of ownership. And help them develop their own identity separate from you, your family and classmates. It is the beginning of establishing their independence. They will take pride in their belongings, making them want to take care of them properly. Rather than mistreat items that may not be personalized. It is not a guarantee as much as it is a positive outcome of having been a part of the decision making in back to school supplies shopping.

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