Tips for Getting Personalized School Supplies for Kids

It can be quite difficult to get a variety of school supplies, especially if you live in a small city or town that has at most – two stores that sell these items and they generally are a dollar store and a department store. Some people turn to online retailers to find a bigger selection and even better pricing then what they can find in their local stores. These online retailers offer the parents better prices on high-quality items but they offer the kids the chance to have personalized school supplies that are different from what the rest of the class has on their desks.

Here are some ways to get personalized school supplies for your kids so they can show off their new gear and enjoy having new school supplies for a change!

School supplies

Get Online

One of the easiest ways to gain new and exciting school supplies for kids is to shop online through customized office supply retailers. Not only will you open a new world when it comes to office supplies, but you will also save money when you shop exciting deals! Retailers such as offer high-quality office and school supplies for a fraction of the instore costs. This retailer offers both brand and generic named supplies that can be ordered in a range of colors, from binders to pencil cases. Know you are going to have to print off multiple school projects throughout the year? You can even pick up cheap printer ink replacement cartridges in both black and colored ink for cheap!

Get Crafty

Looking to personalize those school supplies for kids? Then get crafty and use materials that are lying around your house to upgrade generic supplies. You can use fabric material to create binder covers that are unique. And fun while using the same material to design and sew a flashy new pencil case. All over the internet are tutorials that show step-by-step how to create items like this with minimal effort and a few key supplies.

Cover binders with heavy-duty paper and let your children color them to add their own personal effect to their school supplies. You can even cover exercise books, in the same way, to allow your kids a decorating spree. Think stickers, magazine clippings, fabric swatches and more! All you need to do is secure the covering to the front of the binder or exercise book with glue or double-sided tape and they can go to town!

Get Sticky

No, we don’t mean to get sticky in terms of your school supplies so that they stick to your kids’ hands. But instead use a hot glue gun to create patterns that can be painted, glittered or more. Use hot glue on a piece of parchment paper to create swirls or outlines of favourite television characters. Ask your kids to paint them as they wish and then secure these designs to their backpacks using a needle and thread or double-sided fabric tape. They won’t be long wanting to show off their upgraded plain backpack when school starts in the fall!


Parents don’t have to be limited when it comes to their kid’s school supplies. And instead with a bit of brainpower aided by tutorials on the web; they can transform their kid’s generic school supplies into something that offers insight into how creative their kid truly is!

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