School Supplies Checklist for Elementary School

The school year is coming to an end or has already ended. Do you know what that means? It means it will soon be time to prepare for back to school shopping. At the end of the school year schools send home a school supplies checklist. Many schools provide primary or kindergarten students with their school supplies while charging parents a nominal fee. For other grades parents are responsible for purchasing all the items on the list so their child is prepared for the new school year. 123Ink carries many, if not all, the items on this generic school supplies checklist for elementary school:


Colored Pencils



Pencil sharpener


Pens (usually blue or black)


Whiteboard markers


Sticky notes

Pencil case

Oil pastels



Scribblers (example: Hilroy)

Coil-bound Notebooks

Three-ring binders (some lists will specify the size)

Subject dividers

Paper and/or loose-leaf

Report folders


Page protectors

Calculator (for those in the higher grades)

Poster board

Sketch book

USB drive or Flash drive (for those in higher grades who will be using computers for projects and assignments)
Computer mouse



Facial tissues (for the classroom)

Baby wipes (for the classroom)

Band aids (for the classroom)

Ziploc bags

Compass set

Package of tennis balls

Inside gym shoes

Change of clothes for gym class


Lunch box

Old shirt for some art classes

As you can see, some lists can be pretty extensive. Be sure to post your child’s school supplies list on your bulletin board or refrigerator as soon as you get it, so you do not lose it! Have fun getting ready for the new school year! Happy Summer!

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