Photo Printer HP Sprocket Review

Photo Printer is the kind of Printer that Specialised in Photo Printing. Tired of running to the photo lab each time you capture that perfect moment on film? What about when more than one person wants a copy of a photo or they want copies of multiple pictures? That can be expensive when you factor in the cost of prints, the money spent going to the photo lab (gas) and then having to deliver the photo. You could always send the picture through social media but what if you wanted to turn that picture into a gift? Can’t send that through social media!

Why the HP Sprocket Photo Printer is Amazing

These reasons are why the HP Sprocket Photo Printer is such an amazing device. This lightweight printer might be small but it sure is powerful. This portable printer prints out your photos within seconds and easily connects to your tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth technology. One of the greatest things about this portable printer is that it truly is portable because it is only the size of the average cell phone. That’s right, the average cell phone. Sometimes when a product states portable, it simply means that it doesn’t require cords or connectors to operate but it can still be bulky and cumbersome. Not this device! This device is truly portable and can easily fit in the bottom of your bag or can be left securely in your vehicle for when you need it.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

How it Works

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer connects to your smart device (cell phone or tablet) using Bluetooth technology. It will instantly print 2 x 3-inch photos for your enjoyment. Think of it as an updated version of a Polaroid camera but instead of capturing the shot with the printer; you can download the HP Sprocket app and customize, edit and fix your pictures to your specifications.

The HP Sprocket has 10 sheets of photo paper loaded at a time and changing the paper is very easy. You simply open the holding compartment and lay the sheets inside according to the instructions and close. Hit the power button and connect the printer to your device and send them to the printer. It’s that easy.

Another cool feature of the HP Sprocket Photo Printer? You can instead place sticker photo paper inside and print out actual stickers of your favourite moments to create a unique collage or use those scenic shots to decorate your laptop, desk and more!

Where to Find this Printer for a Low Cost

Want to save money while purchasing the HP Sprocket Photo Printer? Then head over to to purchase it online today. This online retailer has products to suit any type of need you could have electronically or for your office but without the high markups, you find at your local office supply store. With free shipping once you’ve hit a certain amount spent (unless it’s a bonus sale) and reward points towards future purchases, you are guaranteed to be a happy customer. What happens if you’re not? Simply contact the amazing customer service department and they will be happy to assist you! So Let’s start creating memories that are tangibly in front of you and in your hands!

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