Parents’ Guide to Surviving Back to School Shopping

You not only have work, family, house and bills to worry about, but also your children’s education. Thankfully, the younger years are the easiest. It may or may not get more difficult as your children get older, that depends on so many things. Back to school supplies is a minor blimp in the whole scope of your children’s lives. Surviving Back to school shopping is the first hurdle you will have to jump over for the upcoming school year. One we are trying to make easier for you.

Back to School Shopping Deal Check List
Back to School Deal Check List

Online sales.

Online shopping is much easier from the comfort of your home. You can even shop online and have picked up at the store or have it directly shipped to your house. Yours have your pick of choices at your fingertips. One thing is for sure, online shopping is convenient and saves time and gas money.

Shop early in the morning.

Stores are practically empty in the early shopping hours of the day. By shopping early, you can avoid the madness of crazed shoppers and the crowded aisles of back to school supplies.

Leave the kids home.

You could go back to school shopping for the basic supplies by yourself and the more personalized items take the children separately. This will save on the chaos that sometimes results from having kids underfoot.

Steer clear of fads and things that go out of style quickly.

This may mean saying no to the character backpack, especially if your child may not like it next year. Butterflies, sports or colored backpacks do not go out of style quickly. A backpack is a backpack after all. If there is no younger sibling to pass along used items to, check with a cousin or friend. Perhaps a backpack swap can be made saving you and your friend or family member money. Try to choose items that can be reused. Remember we are living in an environmentally friendly age, which means reusing and recycling is in!

Have a list.

Teachers send home a back to school supplies list. Use it as your shopping list. If you have older children who can push a cart and shop on their own, send them with a list. You will have to have the sale prices listed so they get the right items. This is a good experience for them to learn to shop from a list, to get the best price and teaches them responsibility. It also gives them a sense of independence and pride to help you with the shopping.

Get a good night’s sleep, get up early, grab your list and you will succeed in surviving back to school supplies shopping!

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