Parents’ Guide to Surviving Back to School Shopping

The time has come again – it is time to back to school shopping! This can be a time that is both a nightmare and a blessing for parents as it means that their kids are soon going to be returning to school on a daily basis for five full days a week but it also means the restart of the struggle to get said kids out of bed in time to attend school on a daily basis for a full five days.

The struggle can also occur during back to school shopping trips when the parents have a set budget in mind but the kids don’t oblige or care about it! They want particular items and they have to have it or they won’t make it through the school year. Kids will also drag their feet and become uncommitted little creatures that won’t give a yes or no response to the most basic of supplies as if they can delay the inevitable of returning to school.

Have no fear parents, however, because today you are going to learn some handy pointers and tips for surviving back to school shopping!

back to school supplies

Go Back to School Shopping Online

One of the easiest ways to survive back to school shopping is to avoid crowded malls and department stores altogether! Watch for amazing deals on your favourite online retailer such as Amazon or and complete your shopping with the click of a button. You’ll have more options in terms of colors, sizes, prices and even brands when you use an online retailer to back to school shop.

The main thing is to realize that these parcels will be shipped through preferred postal services so your order will need time to be processed, shipped and arrive at your door. This is why you need to start fairly early and be prepared with a list of what your kids need. Ordering with ample return (and reordering) time is necessary, especially when it comes to clothing.

Go Alone

Depending on the age of your kids, it can either be a fun outing to go shopping for school supplies or it can be the worst thing you’ve ever suggested your kids do. Young children tend to be extremely excited to go shopping and can spend hours deciding between one style of sneakers to the next or deciding between a purple pencil case and a blue one. When you are pushed for time and trying to complete your back to school shopping in one day; this can become tedious.

Older kids will drag their feet and not even care what you are picking up for them as long as they have the supplies needed for the school; year. This type of behaviour can put a damper on the day and leave everyone with a sour taste in their mouth.

The best thing? Pick up the majority of the school supplies on your own and already have it in the house, ready to be packed into backpacks. Save only clothing to shop for with your kids and enjoy the solitude.

Set the Back to School Shopping Budget and Ground Rules

Explain to your kids that school supplies are not cheap. And can become quite expensive, especially when there are multiple kids in the household. Set a budget for school supplies and stick to it. Regardless of the guilt trips, your children might try to pull.

Tell them about the budget and how if you say no to something, you mean it. Allow them the choice of a temper tantrum over the item in question and having to forgo the shopping trip as you instead return home or offer an incentive to listen by suggesting a meal out once shopping has been completed.


Back to school shopping doesn’t have to be a major struggle. But it is important to look at ways to make the transition from summer to school easier. With a few minor changes and an open mind; you will survive the back to the school shopping experience as well.

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