Oki MC573dn Laserjet Printer Review

Looking for a high-quality printer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase? Want one that can use compatible cartridges to further save money? How about Oki MC573dn printer that not only prints your documents or photos but one that can scan a document, fax a document worldwide. And one that can print 30 pages per minute?

If you want all the above and you have the floor space in your office. Then you definitely want to look into the Oki MC573dn Printer. Want to know why this is a recommended printer for those who want to market their business in a colorful eye-catching way? Then keep reading!

The Printer

The Oki MC573dn printer may be mighty in terms of bulkiness but it is the king of printing high resolution and top-notch quality documents. Want those photographs to pop with color and the detail so defined that you are almost there? Then this is the printer for you.

First of all, this printer can print an impressive 30 pages per minute and works best when the monthly goal of 6000 pages is met. You’ll need printer cartridges in multiple colors to make this printer pop and they aren’t cheap when it comes to colored ink. Luckily, this machine can use compatible printer cartridges.

What are compatible printer ink cartridges? They are non-brand name cartridges that are the same size and shape as the brand name ones for a fraction of the cost. They have all the same ink and components but are offered at a discount due to the lack of registered name attached to them. Want to find cheap compatible cartridges for this printer through an online retailer? Want to earn reward points that can be used on future purchases of compatible printer ink cartridges? Then you will want to head over the 123Ink.ca to browse through each colored cartridge needed for this printer. Use the link located here.

Advantages of Oki MC573dn Printer:

  • This printer is multi-purpose and will replace the need for a scanner and fax machine in your office.
  • This printer always prints high quality, high-resolution photos for all your marketing needs.
  • Can use compatible printer ink cartridges as described above.
  • Can print 30 pages per minute, which is perfect for those bulk documents that you want to get out in a New York minute.
Oki MC573dn Printer Toner


  • This printer does not automatically come with wireless connections but instead, you will need to set up a secondary connection for the printer.
  • It is a bulky model so ample floor space is needed to situate this printer in a central and convenient location.
  • The cloud support for this printer is on the lower side which can be discouraging to some customers.


To Conclude, if you are looking for a primer that can handle all of your business and office needs along with one that offers multiple functions; then this is definitely a printer you want to take a second look at. To further save on expenses, you can use the compatible printer ink replacement cartridges sold through numerous online office supply retailers but you won’t beat the prices at 123Ink.ca.

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