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Most of us like to be organized and clutter-free, especially in our workspace. In order to meet these expectations sometimes, specific tools are needed. Pens everywhere? The pen holder is the solution. Odd and ends everywhere? Gadget organizer. Paper piles? In, out, working on, need to be filed baskets. If you like to work on the go or get out of your office chair, then a laptop stands or lap desk is a must-have for your life on the go. We have three products below that you will want to check out because they all receive positive reviews and they are cheap!

Laptop Stands

Laptop Stand with 8 Adjustable Angles and Dual Microbead Bolster Cushions – Moustache® – $19.99

Looking for a sleek, lightweight, functional adjustable laptop stand for your iPad, tablet, or laptop? Trying to get rid of issues that can permanently damage your hardware because of a hot laptop? (slower performance, malfunctions, system crashes, etc.)

Look no further than the Moustache® Adjustable Angle Lap Desk. It’ll keep your laptop running cooler with it’s a smooth/flat surface and gives you 8 different viewing positions, so you’ll always have complete control of your viewing experience.


  • Adjustable to 8 different angles for use and optimal viewing.
  • Space-saving design folds flat.
  • Dual-bolster pillows conform to your lap, providing comfort and stability.
  • The smooth, flat surface provides proper ventilation for your laptop.
  • Flip-up ledge lined with rubber to prevent scratching and scuffs.
  • Can be used with laptops / iPad / tablets and more.

Our customers have given this a 5 out of 5 maple leaf rating. Their reviews say that it allows more angle, avoids the contact of heat on the knees, and one even bought a second lap desk for their family. So far, there have been no complaints about this laptop stand. Check it out!

Ergonomic Design Lap Desk, Black – Moustache® – $14.99

Multi-taskers will enjoy this laptop stand that simply rests in your lap.

The dual-bolster cushion of Moustache® Laptop Desk conforms to your lap, keeping you cool and comfortable while you’re sending emails, shopping online or catching up on special media. The smooth, flat surface provides proper ventilation, improving your laptop’s performance and longevity.


  • Ergonomic design lap desk
  • Double bolster microbead lap pads conform to your lap for comfort and balance
  • With 2 bars of soft cushion on the back
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Suit for every environment, such as in an office or car seat, and on sofa, bed, or outdoors

Our online reviews for this product are far from raving, however, there is overall satisfaction with the product. One of the bad reviews did not buy the lap desk for its intended purpose but for a keyboard and mouse and wrote the review based on that. The rest of the reviews were more favourable stating that it was handy, lightweight, convenient, useful for paper and pen, as well as a dinner plate to eat while watching TV! It would be helpful to receive more reviews based on long-term use and how the product holds up over time, so be sure to leave your review too.

Ergonomic Height Adjustable Flexible Laptop or Monitor Stand Riser – Moustache® – $19.99

If you are a clutter-bug, then this laptop stand will be a tool to help you get rid of that desk clutter! However, it will not help you with paper piles, that will require other organizing tools and better time management on your part.

The Moustache® Monitor Stand Organizer is a great desk accessory to enhance the visual organization of your desk. The simple and slim design fits perfectly into any decor. Elevates Monitor for More Ergonomic Positioning: A slight lift can make a big difference when it comes to comfort and convenience which is an optimal viewing angle to help to reduce eye and neck strain. Meanwhile helpfully develops a habit of a correct sitting position, which is conducive to vertebra relaxation and reduce back stress.

What’s more, this Moustache monitor stand keeps all of your desktop necessities within reach, contributing to a more productive day and brings you a pleasant mood. You can also use this as a laptop stand when you sit on your couch or bed. As a result, no worrying at all about your heavy laptop making your legs hot or tired.


  • Saving office space.
  • 3 adjustable heights.
  • Rubber feet protect the desk surface.
  • Reduce neck strain.
  • Fits most flat-panel laptop/monitor.
  • Raises your laptop/monitor to a comfortable viewing height.
  • Desk organizer makes the desk clean and tidy.

To conclude, most of our online reviews for this product stated this was an excellent laptop stand or monitor stand and works as expected. One reviewer stated that their keyboard fit under the stand perfectly so that it could be stored when it was not in use. Be sure to check the measurements of the stand and your keyboard, if you would like that to work for you. So far, there have been no complaints about this product.

So students, teachers, and those of you who work at home can appreciate the value of these three laptop stands, as well as their price. For under $20 you can improve your work habits and organize your office desk. It is a great gift idea too.

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