Moustache Electric Pencil Sharpener

In today’s business world, the majority of documents are done using technology but there are some aspects of the job that should or need to be completed by hand. If you are a graphic designer or illustrator or even a building designer; then you know that sometimes a good old fashioned pencil is what is required to get the job done. This can be a pain in the rear end though at times, especially when you don’t have the time to be sharpening pencil after pencil each time it wears down to pass the fine point you know it can be.

Tools for Pencil

This is where an electric pencil sharpener comes in handy and becomes one of the top tools in your arsenal to complete a job quickly and efficiently. An electric pencil sharpener uses blades the same as a manual sharpener to remove the wooden casing around the lead but instead of only being sharpened to a certain point; it guarantees a sharp point each and every time. These machines use blades that run at a higher speed than a manual sharpen for an even point each time in seconds. Need to sharpen more than one pencil or lead pencils of multiple colors? Then you definitely want an electric pencil sharpener stashed somewhere accessible in your office.

Want an electric pencil sharpener that is high quality but low on the dent it will put into your pocket? Then you definitely want to check out the Moustache Electric Pencil Sharpener, available exclusively from

Electric Pencil Sharpener

This pencil sharpener is kid-friendly with safety features that include plastic casing around the blades and an automatic shutoff. It features an upward dumping motion so you will never have your hands around the blades for any reason. Stability is found regardless of where you have this place. Because of the silicone pad that is located on the bottom of the machine to create a non-stick surface. Oh and another bonus? The motor is that quiet that you won’t even know it is in operation. Until your pencil is razor-sharp in seconds.

Where to Get an Electric Pencil Sharpener

By ordering through the Canadian online retailer,; you also get guaranteed shipping to any location within Canada and excellent customer service. They offer free shipping after purchases of a certain set dollar amount. Or you can wait until they put off their sales that offer free shipping without any limit spent! Another fun fact of the online store for all your office. Stationery and even furniture related needs is that they allow you to collect reward points on each item purchased. These reward points can then be used toward future purchases and bonus items for a steep discount.

Why not throw down the manual sharpener and grab a fast but quiet. Stable but sturdy electric pencil sharpener today for the low cost of $9.99 CDN (at time of publication). The only thing you’ll lose out on is the ache in your wrist. That comes from constant circling motion to manually sharpen your pencils!

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