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You may have heard about the Moustache office supplies, Moustache printer ink cartridges, Moustache chairs, and other goodies sold under this brand. But did you ever wonder what’s the story behind one of the most ambitious and rising brands in the online Canadian environment?

The Brand Story

With most successful startups, the idea of making a product or offering a service comes from the founder’s experience with trying to solve a real-life problem. When a company is built by someone who really understands the deepest roots of the issue, that company will naturally have added brand value, as it will fully understand the struggle of the consumer.

The co-founder of Moustache saw how students struggled with expenses related to printing costs, as well as understood the need for office supplies at competitive prices. He witnessed these problems first-hand, back in the days when he was a college student himself.

Financial stress is a true problem amongst students, and Jack found a way to make it work. That’s when he discovered compatible ink cartridges and saw them as a more cost-effective solution to the original option.

Back in the day, he ordered his compatible cartridges from eBay which, naturally, brought forth other issues with bad customer service and defective products. Frustrated and looking to solve this issue once and for all, 2007 was the year when 123InkCartridges came to life.

Moustache Brand Products

Why Moustache?

OK, so it’s just another brand in a sea of online Moustache office and ink supplies. Why would this one be any special? First of all, because it was created to solve a real problem experienced by the person who designed the solution. It’s not something Jack heard about on TV and decided to tackle with his business.

Moustache is a brand that’s focused on three main components:

  • Dignity, as this is brand that takes pride in its history and values, and has risen to become one of the best compatible toner cartridge providers.
  • Intelligence, because Moustache offers quality products at convenient prices (so that everyone can afford them), while also offering their customers all the support they need (and the reviews speak for themselves).
  • Punctuality, as the company understand that on-time delivery can really set their brand apart from the others. Sometimes, you just can’t afford the wait, especially if you’re a student with an important project due in a matter of days. Even more, their products are all backed up by a 30 days money back guarantee.

As we speak, Moustache offers 5,000 ink and toner cartridge models, which are compatible with industry leading brands, such as Xerox, Samsung, or Canon.

Bottom Line

Moustache has grown to become such a popular Canadian brand because it stands by its core values. They promise to help the consumer save about 70% in cartridge expenses, while also keeping them covered with their wide range of office supplies. Whether you are a student, an office worker, a self-employed freelancer, or just an average home user that could use a new printer, Moustache is here to deliver.

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