How to Save on Brother Toner Cartridges

It is around that you spend 5x the cost of your printer on buying replacement Brother toner cartridges within the first year of buying a printer.  And this could be much more depending on the volume of printing you do. Brother printer toner cost is the cost which can quickly go out of control. If not planned for and assessed beforehand.  And for small business and home office users, these costs go directly to the bottom line. 

Planning for the Brother printer toner cost requires you become a more knowledgeable printer user.  You will quickly need to get familiar with the terms page yield and cost per page. And how to use these terms to identify Brother toner cartridges to invest in that will enable you to achieve savings in both the short and long term without compromising print quality. 

Page yield is the term cartridge manufacturers use to define the number of pages a given cartridge will print out based on 5% coverage of a standard sheet. The 5% coverage is important as that is roughly equivalent to printing out a short email of no more than two paragraphs. So, if you normally print with characters or images that cover the full length of the page. Then you will print significantly less than the stated page yield of the cartridge. 

Brother Toner

Save on Brother Toner

While the cost per page is a metric that defines how much it cost you to print a page based on the cartridge being used.  This metric is simple to calculate. It is the cost of the cartridge divided by its page yield.  For example, a cartridge that cost $20 and has a page yield of 1000 pages has a cost per page of $20/1000 which is $0.02 or 2 cents.  The lower the cost per page, the less you spend on printer cartridges. You can find both page yield and cost per page on the printer cartridge documentation as well as retailer websites. 

With this knowledge, you can now identify toners that will give you savings. Especially on a site like that stocks a lot of Brother toner cartridges for different types of Brother printers. is very useful in this regard. As it allows you to easily see the different types of toner available such as Genuine, Remanufactured and compatible toners. And compare the various cost per page and page yield.

For example, using the ink and toner finder of, for the Brother DCP-1200 series printer.  I can quickly identify that the following cartridges are available;

The Brother TN460 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge High Yield Version of TN430 from Moustache®.  This Compatible High Brother toner cartridge has a page yield of 6000 pages and cost per page of 0.4 cents. 

And from the same search result for the Brother DCP-1200 series printer on the print and Brother toner finder. I can see the that the Brother TN460 Original Black Toner Cartridge.  An original genuine product from Brother has a page yield of 6000 pages but a cost per page of 1.8 Cents. This means you will save significantly more by using the TN460 Compatible Black Toner. 

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